OddsJam has created 5 interesting tools to make a bettor’s life easier, including one that generates risk free profits.

“I’m packing it in until NFL starts… NBA is over, MLB is too much juice, no reason to keep grinding right now.”

“Tennis is too unpredictable, soccer is too hard to handicap, time to take a break!”

“All these moonshot parlay attempts are bleeding my bankroll dry.”

Have you found yourself thinking any of those thoughts? Perhaps you are in a dead period between your favorite sports or maybe you’re burned out from handicapping and you’re looking for a change of pace. Those fun longshot parlays could be taking a toll on your bankroll, and you’re searching for a way to finance those lottery tickets.

Well, ParlayDoc and I are utilizing the tools available on OddsJam to realize profits with zero risk through the magic of arbitrage. You should consider doing it, too! If you would prefer to watch instead, feel free to check out the video ParlayDoc made.

Please Note: Signing up for OddsJam using a link from this article provides us with some affiliate income at no additional cost to you. The opinions in this article are entirely mine.

Let’s review the tools available on OddsJam first, and then I’ll give you some ideas on how to utilize your profits

I want to briefly mention that OddsJam has some free calculators to allow you to enter manual numbers to see how the tools work before creating an account. They also have a well-integrated bet tracker function to track wagers you find while using the tools. Currently, you have to manually change the status from pending to won/lost/refunded. An upcoming update will automatically grade bets and provide stats on closing line value.

Free Tool #1: Use The Sleek Odds Comparison Interface For Lineshopping

I’ve stressed the importance of shopping every available book before you place a bet, and I’ll be the first to agree how annoying it is to jump from site to site to make sure you are getting the best possible payout. OddsJam allows you to compare odds for most of the main straight bet wagers, and their interface refreshes the odds every 15 seconds. With an account, you are able to remove sportsbooks you cannot use to reduce the clutter on the screen.

OddsJam Odds Comparison Screen Example

OddsJam allows you to compare odds across sportsbooks for free in one place.

Free Tool #2: Use The Low-Hold Tool To Churn Deposit Bonus And Convert Free Bets

If you get a deposit bonus offer from a sportsbook, you can use the free Low-Hold tool to quickly identify betting markets with zero house edge and churn your way through the required playthrough to unlock the bonus with no risk. Bet both sides, rinse and repeat. You can also use this tool as a way to try to “move” funds from one sportsbook to another.

If you’re ready to sign up for a free 7 day trial on OddsJam, click here!

OddsJam Low-Hold Example

OddsJam offers a free tool to help you play through to unlock deposit bonuses.

You can also use the same Low-Hold tool to find efficient ways to convert free bets into withdrawable balance. You can sort by Conversion %, click the green calculator button to display a calculator, plug in your free bet amount and OddsJam will tell you how much to bet on each side for a risk free conversion.

OddsJam Free Bet Conversion Example

OddsJam offers a free tool to help you maximize conversion of free bets to withdrawable balance.

Premium Tool #1: Arbitrage For Free Money

The arbitrage tool compares odds across your selected sportsbooks to find opportunities where betting both sides locks in a guaranteed profit. Since creating our account, we’ve seen percentages as high as 11.88%. Compare an 11.88% risk free return with your money locked up in a bet for a few hours to the 0.15% you can make on a 1 year CD, and you can see the incentive to create an account at OddsJam.

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You do have to move quickly, though! While OddsJam does the job of finding the value for you, you only have a few minutes to lock in the bet before the value is gone. We have found that the “major markets” such as MLB run totals lose their arbitrage value the quickest. Our theory is the larger the market, the more whales are out there in the wild hammering lines. Alternate markets such as tennis set game totals seem to hold their value a little longer.

You don’t have to sit at your computer staring at the screen. OddsJam sends email alerts that can be customized by both minimum percentage and market types. You can also turn the email alerts off, if you prefer.

OddsJam Arbitrage Example

The offerings were a little lame when I took this screenshot, but even 1.61% risk free return is nothing to sneeze at.

Premium Tool #2: Middle Bets For Lottery Tickets

Creating an account also unlocks the Middle tool. Think of this as a lottery ticket suggestion generator. OddsJam searches for opportunities where you can win one side of the bet and possibly get a refund on the other side. There are even occasional pregame middle opportunities where the result might settle exactly between and win both bets. Just like with the arbitrage tool, you can create email alerts.

OddsJam Middle Example

Take Indiana +5 and Iowa -4.5, and if Iowa wins by 5 you win one bet and push on the other. Percentages are negative because you ARE sacrificing juice on these bets.

Premium Tool #3: Positive EV For Unhedged Value Plays (Industry Plan)

It’s possible you’ve been reading along and thinking to yourself, “These tools are nice, but where’s my opportunity to have some fun and really hit it big by doing some real sports betting?”

If you’re ready to sign up for a free 7 day trial on OddsJam, click here!

Positive EV is the answer to your question, if you’re willing to sign up for the Industry Plan. The Positive EV tool searches for market inefficiencies by comparing odds to the posted lines at Pinnacle. The OddsJam staff chose Pinnacle because they consider it the “sharpest” lines available. Just like I warn when I describe following my own value based approach to sports betting, you need to be prepared for volatility and make sure your bet size is appropriate for your bankroll. Remember, Bankroll Management is very important!

OddsJam Positive EV Tool

With the Industry Plan, you can use the Positive EV Tool to identify bets that are incorrectly priced. In this example, David Peralta to hit a Home Run is 46.07% better odds on DraftKings than Pinnacle (the barometer for the tool). Fun fact: Peralta and Votto both homered in those games!

Now That We’ve Gone Over The Tools, Here’s Some Ideas For Your Riskless Profits!

I hope you’ve made it this far, because now I can share some ideas on how to utilize the profits you can generate on OddsJam.

Idea #1: Keep rolling the profits over and grow your arbitrage bankroll so you can increase your bet sizes. Think of this as the “takes money to make money” cliché. Keep snowballing it and you’d be surprised how quickly your bankroll can grow after a few months.

Idea #2: Use the profits as side income. If you are consistent with your arbitrage betting, after the first day or two you’ve covered the monthly subscription price and you’re generating pure profit for the rest of the month. With a bankroll of a few thousand dollars, you can generate a substantial amount of income.

Idea #3: Use the profits to fund Positive EV Tool bets. If you sign up for the Industry Plan to unlock the Positive EV Tool, you can use the profits from the arbitrage bets to take risk free shots in inefficient markets for a chance at really quickly growing your bankroll.

Idea #4: Use the profits to fund moonshot parlays! If you like betting parlays, why not use your profits from arbitrage betting instead of depositing money you had to earn in your day job?

Closing Thoughts

ParlayDoc and I have been grinding risk free profits with the arbitrage tool, and we are excited at how much it has generated so far. You get a 7 day trial before your subscription starts, so why not give it a try?

If you’re ready to sign up for a free 7 day trial on OddsJam, click here!

Please note: If you think your gambling is becoming harmful or you think someone you know is having a hard time dealing with problem gambling, please click here to learn more about obtaining help.