Travis K Sports Investments is a free handicapper that I follow on Twitter. I consider him to be a major influence on how I was able to turn my sports betting from an expensive hobby into a profitable use of my time. He teaches people the right way to approach sports betting, and I think he can help you as well.

I reached out to Travis K and asked if I could summarize and present the sports handicapping advice articles he has shared with his Twitter followers. I’m happy to say that he agreed to let me share them with you!

While Travis does not charge a subscription for his picks, he has set up a one-time, $20 donation fee in order to gain access to the private account that he uses to post his plays. He calls it a “troll filter” and the donation goes to a charity that is near and dear to him. I happily donated so I could continue to learn from him.

His public Twitter account can be found here and his private account can be found here. He posts free plays and recaps on his public page, if you want to follow him there for free at first.

I lightly edited some of the articles only to filter out some of the things that do not make sense without context. I will place the originally tweeted image(s) at the bottom of each article for completeness.

Click here to access the newest series of articles by Travis K, which is called “Sports Wagering Basics”.

Click here to access the original series of articles by Travis K, which I called “How To Improve Your Betting”.

Finally, here is Travis K’s Twitter Biography. I hope you enjoy his wisdom and learn from it as much as I have!